Trash Video Archives


After 25 years of lurking between dusty video store shelves and darkened cinemas, Trash Video has found a new home on the internet! And this is JUST the beginning of an amazing adventure for all of us, and we already have literally THOUSANDS of sale items to add to the shelves, so if things are looking a little sparse and unfinished, we’re in the early birth stage right now. Please keep checking back on a regular basis to see how rapidly we’ve grown!

WE SPECIALIZE in the strange, the obscure, the old and non-mainstream: cult, genre, arthouse, foreign, classic, and just plain weird and eccentric! You’ll notice a strong emphasis on underdog filmmakers like Herschell Gordon Lewis and Jess Franco, European and Asian pulp AND art cinema, films from Australian and New Zealand, and the pulpier of genres (peplum, spy, giallo, drugsploitation etc etc).

WE SELL new and pre-loved, local and imports: DVDs and Blu-Rays, collectable VHS (and the occasional Betamax and Super 8!), film-related books and magazines, posters, lobby cards and movie advertising materials, our own exclusive range of T-shirts and official Trash Video and Search For Weng Weng merchandise, and miscellaneous cool junk like Mexican wrestling masks and autographed swag!

WE ARE ALSO a research laboratory and film production unit, publishing books and making feature films, shorts, and bonus features for DVD/Blu-Ray releases; a traveling tent-show organizing pop-up film screenings around the globe; a weekly Ebay auction for the rarer items – see – and an online magazine connected to the website (coming very soon!).

What I’d love to know is, what would YOU like to see on a new and improved Trash Video? What kinds of films/labels/formats would you buy, which screenings would you like to see, how would you like to interact with the new set-up? We would really appreciate any input.


I’m always chasing stock for the online store, and if anyone has stuff in the cupboard they’d like to sell on consignment, please Contact Us and we can go from there.

TRASH NEEDS: DVDs and Blu-Rays (esp. hard to find cult titles, and out-of-print releases from Mondo Macabro, Code Red, Scorpion, 88 Films, Severin, Kino Lorber, Criterion, Dark Force, Something Weird, AGFA, Vinegar Syndrome, Synapse, Blue Underground, Scream Factory, Shameless, and other collectable labels)… Rare VHS tapes (esp. Australian releases on Palace Explosive, Star Base, K&C, Prestige, Video Classics, Unicorn, King Of Video, etc.)… Film posters (any size), lobby cards, press kits, video promos, and any paper advertising… Rare soundtracks on LP or CD… Film-related books and magazines (esp. rare Fangoria, Psychotronic etc)… what else you got?