Best Of What’s Left Of Schlock Treatment (16G Memory Stick)



Back in my Trash Video days I used to have a blast hosting weekly screenings of cult movies on Brisbane’s Briz 31 community TV station. Most of those Schlock Treatment episodes from 2006 to 2010 have vanished over the years, BUT – thanks to a friend of mine who recorded a few off air – I’ve managed to put together my favourites of the remaining programs into a Best of Schlock Treatment! You get: my intros, filmed either at the Trash Video counter or (post-shop episodes) on the couch at home, followed by the film in full! Includes the very first episode from December 2006, Santa Claus (as in the Mexican Santa vs Satan, 1959), Incubus (bizarre 1965 William Shatner demonic horror…in Esperanto!), Schlock Treatment’s War On Sex And Drugs (old industrial and training films), Force Four (bottom-of-the-barrel 1975 blaxploitation with Warhawk Tanzania battling a ping pong ball-eyed demon), Santo in Operation 67 (Masked Wrestling Superhero goes the full Bondmania), a Dwain Esper triple including his 1933 drugsploitation anti-classic Narcotic, two Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing chillers (Horror Express and Satanic Rites Of Dracula), Psychomania (British zombie bikers, 1973), They Came From Outer Space (Amicus sci-fi from ‘66!), Magic Of The Universe (demented kiddie fantasy from the Philippines), more Mexican child matinee weirdness (1961’s Puss In Boots), and a sexy, surrealist Egyptian horror Lady Of The Black Moon (1973)…That’s thirteen episodes in full, PLUS my extended intros to all three Weng Weng films (For Your Height Only was Briz 31’s top-rated show EVER, with more than 150,000 viewers!), AND three promos for Schlock’s first few months. That’s all crammed onto a 16G memory stick!

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